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The best 3D Gob Image on the market!


Having maximum control over everything on the IS machine is paramount and the Smart Gob 3D camera is the ultimate way of controlling Gob weight, length and temperature.

Once a gob has been sheared the Smart Gob is the first piece of equipment to complete any form of monitoring and inspection. As you can see from the computer image below you get a full 3D reconstruction of the Gob shape, the Gob temperature, Gob diameter, volume and Gob length.

To have the opportunity to control these parameters is not only the way forward to making the 'Perfect' Gob but also the ideal way to reduce not only the weight of a Gob by constant adjustment of the tube height but also to control the fall of the Gob by means of the fall angle graphic. When a gob is not falling into either the gob accelerator or gob distributor in a straight line the potential for late loading into the blanks is much higher.

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