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OBSIII Cold End Coating Twin-Axis 

As we know how critical an efficient cold end coating system is to the glass container production process, the Graphoidal OBSIII twin axis cold end coating Spray Bridge was developed to ensure uncompromising efficiency and reliability.


It therefore includes many features including automatic below finish spraying in two directions, automatic ratio controlled dosing and constant ware monitoring.

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Stand Alone Dosing Unit 

Graphoidal OBSIII Cold End Dosing Units have been designed to eliminate the problems of the bacteria growth and contamination problems associated with the central mixing, dosing and delivery systems used during the application of cold end coating materials. 

Key features include: precise, automatic on-line digital ratio control which provides accurate reliable dosing, flow control and alarms. The units can also be retro-fitted to any existing over belt and/or under belt spray application equipment. Automatic or manually adjusted dosing units are available.

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Hot End Row Monitor (HERM)

The Graphoidal Hot-End Row Monitor is mounted across the entrance of an annealing lehr to continuously monitor the alignment of the rows of containers being loaded. 

Alignment errors are alarmed, enabling the stacker set-up to be optimized, reducing the effect of bad stacking on the cold end spray operation, allowing more containers to be coated and reducing the potential for ware falling over on the Lehr belt.

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