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The only true 3D system with linear and area scan cameras

Graphoidal Developments Ltd is at the forefront of design and manufacturing of the most advanced lubrication and coating technology to the glass container industry.


We are also at the forefront of weight control and gob recognition.


Our 3D smart Gob system not only controls,


:- Weight of the gob to +/-0.25%

:- Gob length +/-0.1mm

:- Gob diameter +/-0.1mm

:- Temperature +/-10°

:- Fall angle +/- 0.1°

:- Volume calculation

:- Shape recognition


It also gives an accurate 3D representation of a gob whether it is on a double, Triple or a quad gob machine working on a closed loop system.


The camera system benefits from operating with the option of either 2 infra-red linear cameras or 2 area scanning cameras that provide the option of scanning the Gob on 1cm linear cuts or taking a complete image of the entire gob shape.

Smart Gob 3D from Graphoidal .JPG

Click on the image above to view in full size


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