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UK Glass Suppliers Alliance seminar.

The 2019 uk Glass suppliers alliance held at Tankersley manor in Barnsley attracted an impressive cross section of people from the UK glass manufacturing community this week. We used this platform to promote and give more details into our latest products and developments. Using this facility allowed all of the UK glass manufacturing companies to assemble in one place to see the technology on offer from Furnace to cold end inspection with everything in between.

Graphoidal's main feature on display was the Smart Gob 3D Camera system which had much interest into the cost saving benefits and the quality 3 dimensional image given.

Not only does this camera give the benefits of controlling the weight to +/- 0.5g it will also calculate the volume of a gob, measure the length to +/- 0.1mm, measure the Temperature to +/- 10°c and also the fall angle to +/- 0.1°.

With the Smart Gob system measuring the fall angle Graphoidal were also displaying a solution for this in our FDG (Fixed drop guide). Our FDG is available for the Emhart 565 and also the Bottero parallel shear mechanisms. With no moving parts and relatively maintenance free this mechanism aids in the loading of gobs into the distributor.

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