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Ultra slim spray bars spraying from above the shear blades.

Using Graphoidal Multi Shear Spray System we have a variety of spraying options with a wide choice of shear spray bars ranging from conventional spraying from below to the ultra slim option which sprays from above the shear mechanism shown in the photo above. we can manufacture above or below spray bars in all centre distances and number of cavities.

Using the Ultra Slim Shear Spray Bars allows for improved cooling efficiency on high speed machines giving an optimal performance using the triple point outlets.

The true benefits of using the Ultra Slim Shear Spray Bars is to allow the shear mechanism to cut the gob as close to the orifice ring as possible with less impact of spray cooling the ring down. While spraying from above the direction of spray is away from the orifice ring and with added protection of a spray shield everything is in place to reduce the possibility of causing defects on the gob.

Graphoidal Shear Spray Bars give:-

- Finely atomised spray

- No internal wear parts

- Availability for all shear mechanisms

- Optional mounting systems

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